Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes , Can ya'll believe it's time for another blog from me again already. I just thought I'd come and post a blog since I got a little " Stomache Bug" yesterday and I didn't feel like posting. Today has been a very good day for the family and I . Mom got some "Paper work" done. Then she went out and did some errands that she needed to get done. So, Dad and I stayed here and I watched him do yard work in which I say the yard work part was "BORING!" But , I sure had fun watching him on the riding lawn mower. And of course I loved being able to be out there and play with "Apollo" , "Daphne" , "Maggie" My two Huge Babies and Middle Sized Baby. Boy , They all acted like they hadn't seen me in years!!!! I was for certian thinking that "Apollo" was gonna knock my wheelchair over. When I 1st went out there. He came up almost galoping to me. And I finally talked him down before one or both got injured. And , Just in case anyone reads this that knew that Joshua has moved to New York City. He seems to really be loving it up there. He's called home at least 1 or 2 times a day since he's been there. Of course He'll call the house phone and I'll answer her "Hey Bro" Or "Hello You , NEW New Yorker You!" And he laughs and says "Can I speak to Mom or Dad ? And , I'm like Oh so the call wasn't for me???? His response "Sorta!" But , I sure hope that My cell gets a few calls and post cards too from New York sometime soon. Anyway, I better go for now. My Eyes are burning and getting cross eyed. Love to you all so very much. - Randee

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