Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes , Can ya'll believe it's time for another blog from me again already. I just thought I'd come and post a blog since I got a little " Stomache Bug" yesterday and I didn't feel like posting. Today has been a very good day for the family and I . Mom got some "Paper work" done. Then she went out and did some errands that she needed to get done. So, Dad and I stayed here and I watched him do yard work in which I say the yard work part was "BORING!" But , I sure had fun watching him on the riding lawn mower. And of course I loved being able to be out there and play with "Apollo" , "Daphne" , "Maggie" My two Huge Babies and Middle Sized Baby. Boy , They all acted like they hadn't seen me in years!!!! I was for certian thinking that "Apollo" was gonna knock my wheelchair over. When I 1st went out there. He came up almost galoping to me. And I finally talked him down before one or both got injured. And , Just in case anyone reads this that knew that Joshua has moved to New York City. He seems to really be loving it up there. He's called home at least 1 or 2 times a day since he's been there. Of course He'll call the house phone and I'll answer her "Hey Bro" Or "Hello You , NEW New Yorker You!" And he laughs and says "Can I speak to Mom or Dad ? And , I'm like Oh so the call wasn't for me???? His response "Sorta!" But , I sure hope that My cell gets a few calls and post cards too from New York sometime soon. Anyway, I better go for now. My Eyes are burning and getting cross eyed. Love to you all so very much. - Randee

Friday, August 22, 2008

" What FUN "

Hey Ya' ll ,
I ' m so sorry that it 's taken me so long to blog on here again . But , I have good reasons why I ' ve not blogged in so long . 1 .) My family and I have been visiting my Uncle G . P . & his family at their Beautiful Lake House with another cousin of mine. In which it had no web service at all. So , instead of that we all either watched movies , regular cable , or the Kids , my Dad ( " Uncle John " ) , "Aunt Laney " ( My Mom , Elaine , Cousin Megan , Cousin Erin , Cousin Brooke & I did some Minno catching , ( Mostly Brooke & Megan ) on G . P . 's Doc . On the 2nd or 3rd night I FINALLY caught my 1st Middle sized Catfish. Dad had his back turned to me and all the sudden I kinda yelled a little too loud "Daddy , I've caught my 1st Catfish all by myself. and he turned around and the fish was still on my hook on the Doc and scwerming like theirs NOOOOOOOOO tomorrow. But , We took pictures with my Dad's Cell even though it was dark it was exciting anyway. So, now we're home and I'm sick. With we are guessing either , A " Sinus Infection " or it could be a " Bladdar Infection " . Neither one makes you feel good. BLAH . . . . BLAH . . . . BLAH . . . . Ok , I'm getting cross eyed now so I think that I'm gonna go to bed now AGAIN. Love ya'll !

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Photo on my Blog

Hey Ya'll ,
Just in case you can't tell who the little one is . But in that Picture on my blog of the Man reading to that cute 2 yr. old . That cute 2 yr. old is Me , Randee and The Man , Is my Grandpa , Owen Miller , My Mom's Dad who died in 2004. If I could move the photo over ... I'd put a photo of other Grandpa , Papa Mac Who died 1 yr. ago on Aug 2nd. and I when I was about that age. But , we don't have one uploaded just yet. So , I found it and I wanted to put a photo up. And , I thought it was a cute and Humorus moment in my life that Papa Owen and I shared together. Little did I know that this wonderful man would sadly leave this world only 5 months after my 19 th Birthday. I miss him more and more each day. So, I want to "Raise our cups / Glasses up high " in honor of a Wonderful Man , Who loved each and every member of his family and his friends . Papa Owen sure was a Ham. He loved to make people smile and laugh when he thought they needed it. And , yes he knew just how to "push" Me Me 's buttons. We all Figured that one out a few times. But , My Greatest Memories of Papa Owen are as follows . . .

1.) Me as a youngster sitting at their Dining table / Bar Table when I was just 4 - 8 Yrs. old. And , Me Me would be trying to fix something to eat in the kitchen . She'd have he back to us fixing food and I'd try to be quiet and watch Papa Owen sneak up behind her and say "Boo" and Then , I'd totally loose it laughing as she scoulded Papa Owen. But I always thought it was funny. As long as no one got hurt by the stove or Burner .

2.) Then on Friday nights Papa Owen and Me Me Frances would come pick me up at my house and take me to Denny's by their house and that quickly became our Friday Night rutine for the next 15 yrs. or so. They'd even take me there if I got a 100 on my Spelling Tests each Friday at School. So I Loved Fridays. But, now that he can't be here to take me I miss those times. I've only been to Denny's 1 time since He died. And that was last month with my Mom and Dad. I gotta go for now. Love Always , Me

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joshua's Fairwell to TX at least for now !!

Hey Guys and Gals ,
Yep it's "Sweet, and "Darling little ole ' me", Randee yet.... AGAIN! Arn't ya'll getting TIRED of my posts at all yet? I sure hope not this soon. Well, I wanted today's blog to be a "Special Blog". For my sweet and sometimes "Pain - in - the - Tushy" little Brother...You know I'm just kidding Bro., Joshua. Who is as of early tomorrow morning flying and moving all the way to New York City to persue his dream since he was a little boy of becoming a Male Model. I sure think that he will do wonderfully there and at anything that he puts his heart and mind to. He is a great young man. And, I've really enjoyed being there and watching almost everything he's been through and seen him grow - up from the cutest little chubbiest Baby...(Besides ME - The Chubbiest part) grown into the Wonderful and charming Young Man that he is today.

Dear Joshua,
I'm so proud of you Bro. And, I love you with all of my heart and my every being. I have loved you ever since day 1. When Mom , Dad , Myself (Who was little myself at the time got to bring you home. I tell you I sure was and still am very proud to be your "BIG Sister". Just when you get the time when you get there. Give your Big Sister a call or text. Love, Randee

Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Home Again.

Hey Ya'll ,
Yes , It's really me , Randee here at my long lost " friend " the computer (which I got to use my wonderful Dad 's Laptop and "Aunt Sharon ' s " and " Uncle C . H . " home computer too while we were in Arkansas . One of the very 1st evenings their "Aunt Sharon" took us to a wonderful Japaniese Place called " Fugi ". But , I have already blogged about that experience on my previous blog yesterday or the day before . Then , we had 2 birthday parties to attend . In which we had to sadly miss going to the 1st one Saturday afternoon . The 1st one , was for our Cousin / Nephew Keaton , He turned 3 this past July . We had to miss it because my Dad got sick with a Headache . So we gave Keaton his Birthday gifts the following night at Ryder ' s 2nd Birthday Party . He absolutely loved his Guitar that we bought him . He loved it enough that he didn't want to take it off to attend Church Services yesterday morning . BUT , He did do so . Ryder 's Birthday was a pure BLAST . For him and all of us . Even down to his 4 month old Brother , Axl Eli . Who my Mom and I had not gotten to meet till last night . I tell you that Baby has the sweetest smile and laugh you have ever heard . I'll try and upload some pictures up of all the festivities if I can get my grubby hands on them . So , I ' ll talk to ya ' ll later . Love Me

Friday, August 8, 2008

Life is GOOD

Hey Ya'll,
How is everyone doing on this wonderful and BEAUTIFUL, I might add, Friday afternoon. I'm doing wonderful as always. I can't believe it's Friday again already. It seems as if it were Friday just yesterday. But, lets all face it . It wasn't sadly. I sure hope that all of your weekends go well this weekend. And, ya'll have a wonderful week ahead. Mine 'kinda' started last night with my FUN Japaniese Food Experience. WHICH was AWESOME DUDE! I hope that you all have a good rest of the day. Love & Peace to All of ya'll . - Randee

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My 1st time EVER at a Japaniese place

Hey Ya'll ,
It's me , Randee sitting here at My wonderful Aunt Sharon and Uncle C . H . 's house in Arkansas . We left our place at 10 : 35 or so Saturday evening . So, we didn't get here to Aunt Sharon's house until 6 : 15 Sunday morning . So , needless to say Dad and I saw the sun rise together . Which was beautiful by the way ! While mom slept a few hours . Then she woke up to drive us straight to Aunt Sharon's house . We will be here until I believe this coming Sunday or Monday morning . We have 2 B - Day parties to go to on Sunday so I think we will be here until Monday. I'm so excited because this is my 1st time to see Axl Eli , My Cousin Amber 's 2nd Son. But, About tonight . . . Aunt Sharon treated us to Japaniese food. And , after we ate I got to sit behind one of those tables with a built in Grill .... And the Waiter atemped to Flip some fried rice with Teriocky sauce on it in my mouth . . . Try #1 : Went in the floor below my foot plates ! Try# 2 : I caught in my hands right below my mouth! Try # 3 : Whent DIRECTLY IN MY MOUTH !!!!! So, I LOVE Japaniese Places now!!!!!!!!! That's all I got to say for now. Love to all. Love, Randee