Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey Everyone,
I know it's been a little over 2 weeks or so since I had the chance to post for ya'll last. We have all been doing good. All , Except my Dad. He's been down in bed with a VERY BAD MIGRAINE for the past 3 days straight or so. He's only gotten up to use the restroom . Or , if he felt like he could eat. He would be up long enough to eat and then either go back to bed. Or he'd lay on our couch / recliner chair. Anyway. Mom , Joshua , and I and all the pets are glad that he's getting better . And felling like trying to work on things around our mobile home. Dad , I'm so glad that your getting back to your funny , YOUNG self. And I'm also REAL glad that you are feeling some better. Your in my thoughts and prayers always. I love you , You CRAZY IRISH Daddy , You! Happy St. Patricks Day! Love Always , Your 's & Mama 's " Baby Girl !"