Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Update on My Uncle Don ~

Hello All ,
For those that don't know yet. My Mom's older Brother , Don Miller has been diagnosed with "Liver Cancer." But , My Dad is up at the Hospital with Don. But , All of course all of his Neices & Nephews affectionetly call him "Uncle Don". He has been diagnosed with "Liver Cancer." But , it has spread into his Lymph Nodes. Things are not improving. He's much weaker . His blood platelets count is very low so they are limited to treatments that would pose less threat of heavy bleeding. Looks like chemo / radiation etc. are no longer options and the best way to help him is to try to keep him as comfortable as possible. We are still requesting prayers for him and his family and trust God will do what is best for them. He is a gracious and loving father and we know that we can trust his Goodness and Mercy. Thank you to all who are praying for all of us. You give us strength when we have none of our own; You help give us courage to face our dissappointments ; And you give us love to sustain us. We are truly blessed. We'll update again as we learn more information.

Ya'll ,
I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of The Miller Family. Thank you so much for coming here and reading all of my posts that I write. Some like this one , Maybe serious, And some others maybe strictly out of Pure BOREDOM!!!!! Or , I just feel like talking ...... Yeah , I know what ya'll are all thinking. " When , does Randee ever NOT feel like talking ??? . . . . Yeah , I know what your thinking . . . . Well, I love ya all to pieces.

Hey Ya'll ,
Dad just called us and told us some very grim news. As of earlier this afternoon. Uncle Don has been throwing up what Dad said look like Black stomache stuff. So, they are getting him all ready. Just in case. You know getting papers signed saying if he passed out or something and he stops breathing. Do not resesitate him. So , more than likely he will go on to his new home up in the clouds sometime tonight or in the morning if that! But, I really think it'll be sooner then they all think. I just have a gut feeling. So once again thanks to all of you for your continued Prayers. We all appreciate it a bunch. I think I speak on behalf of The Entire Miller Family. Love ya'll bunches. I just can't tell ya'll that enough. We'll get through this. It'll take some time. But , We will get through this. I told my Mom! oh about 30 0r so minutes ago or so . That , I think when Uncle Don does die. I think that the Angel that comes for him either tonight or tomorrow will more then likely be his Father , Owen Miller , who died 5 yrs. ago with Bladdar Cancer. For all that don't know . . . . Don is My Grandparents , Owen & Frances has 3 Wonderful ALL Grown up Kids. 1st came a Son, Who is so dear to my heart. He has a singing voice like a Angel! , Donald Eugene Miller , Then came # 2 My Beautiful & So very dear to my heart also , my Mother , Donna Elaine (Miller) McCaghren , Who also like her Brothers has a singing voice like a Angel! , # 3 is another wonderful Son , Uncle Gary Paul Miller. Who , is also so Dear to my heart. I just love them all to pieces.

Hey All ,
It's with great sadness & happiness in a away I guess that I've come here today to post that Don Eugene Miller is now free and Flying like an Angel! He passed away at 11:15 A . M . we all are of course sad that he's no longer here on this Beautiful Earth. But, we are so glad that he's no longer in pain or suffering. And He's with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ & also His Earthly Father that like I stated in one of the posts above , Died some where around 5 yrs. ago. But, neither one of them are hurting anymore. Thanks for all the Love and support that ya'll have shown to my family. We appreciate it. Love Always , Randee

Friday, November 20, 2009

This is Our sweet Dog Apollo

Hello All, I wanted to take this time to introduce ya'll to my Family's Sweet Great Pyreneese Dog named "Apollo" , Seen in the photo above with My Dad , Apollo's Buddy other buddy other than "Daphne " , "Badger" , "Maggie" and all the other animals he's lived around since becoming Our Pet. He's the most Loveable " Big Teddy Bear " you'll ever see. He can be all up in your face begging for food or Loving or he can take down anything that tries to fight him. He 's been in 2 Fights that we know of. The 1st one. He was gone " Visiting" we'll say. And he was gone maybe not a full week. But he came back Covered in his Oponet's Blood! No cuts or anything on Apollo on that one. But , what ever he caught he fought it until it was DEAD! the 2nd time was just before Halloween of this yr. He was gone "visiting" again for 3 whole weeks this time. He came back , You guys , He looked like he'd not eatten or had anything to drink in a week or 2. And , also he got into a fight with what the Vet said might have been a Raccoon .... Well, The Raccoon took 2 big bites or scratches on either side of his nose. His left side had even punctured some of Apollo's Sinuses. But, He stayed over night and had repair surgery. And had 3 whole weeks in our Utility Room. To make sure he didn't scratch and rip out his sutures. And then 2 or 3 weeks ago he had more surgery so he CAN'T Impregnant every Female Dog in our area. But, now he's in a Huge Kennel out side my bedroom window. with "Badger" sleeping on the out side of the Kennel right by the door so he can keep his Uncle Company. Anyway. I just wanted to show you what My Pretty Boy looks like. I sure do love my Sweet Apollo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi All,
I came here asking for all of you guys and gals . Even y'all that don't know me or him very well to please add my Uncle Don to your prayer lists. Today he was Diagnosed with the big one ..... CANCER! The thing that took the wonderful life of his Father 5 yrs. ago last month. But, now it's down in his Lymph nodes .... I know I probably didn't spell some words right. But, Hey I'm only human! I'm just scared for him , My Aunt , and Cousins. He means the world to all of us. And , it just scares me. Even though we've been through this 5 yrs. ago with my Grandpa. I love you all. Thanks for listening!