Friday, February 27, 2009

R . I . P William Cecil Summers Oct. 30th, 19?? - Feb 20 , 2009

Hey Everybody ,
I know it seems that this is the season for funerals and all. Has ya'll know there have been several deaths in my family lately. Here is a list of all of them thus far are listed below for you all if you wanted to try and keep up.

1.) My Family 's Cat "Froggy" She was a Simease Kitten probably about 3 weeks old when my Dad found her " Deader than a Door Nail" She looked like she was just laying there sleeping laying there in the sun.

2. ) Our Calico Kitten "Callie" She was about 8- 10 weeks old when she died. She was laying in the EXACT SAME spot that "Froggy" was when she died.

3. ) One of My Family Pets , That I named Daphne , She was only liking 2 - 4 days turning 3 Yrs. old when she was hit and accidently killed by one of our neighbors down the street.

4.) My Great Uncle William Cecil Summers , He's My Dad's Uncle He died a week ago TODAY!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

R . I . P " Daphne " Feb. 11 , 2006 - Feb . 7 , 2009

Hello Everyone ,
Today is a very sad and also depressing day for The McCaghren Family. This morning our sweet and loving Great Pyreneese , Who I " Daphne " who was just 3 years old got hit. Mom and Dad took her to our vet. After they looked her over they were about to start prepping her for surgery. To fix her torn spleen. But , Sadly it was just too late. She bled inside too much. Then , She died. She'll be greatly missed by all . We love and miss you Sweet Girl! Love , Randee , Josh , Mom , Pawdre

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

R . I . P "Callie!" from Nov. 2008 - Feb. 2009

This is a very special but yet very sad post today. As today marks the day that either during the night or some time this morning one of our newest additions , Our sweet and cute and cuddly beloved Kitten , Who we named "Callie " has passed away. " Callie " was a pretty and so very feisty little Callico Cat. She was a scrapper that's for sure. She was the funniest little cat that I think I'd ever met. She had the cutest little " Meow " ! I'll deffinetly miss her "meows" and of course her sweet little face . Those little green eyes that always looked so sad unless her buddy/ Brother " Blonde " was around. He always played with her. She was begining to be such a good hunter too. I think she took some " pointers " from "Comacozie"! Her adopted big sister. She was a fighter too. Man , Some of our puppies loved to "Rough House" with her. Of course I think you all can guess who would end up winning! YEP! Dear ole " Callie Girl ". Little Stink Pot! I truly loved that kitten. I thought I'd NEVER like kittens much less Cats. BUT, Turns out I do. Weird I know! S0, as I close this post. I want to say , " Bye Callie Girl " , We miss you lots sweet Girl! Have fun playing with all those " Kitty Angels "! I love you. Love, Randee