Friday, February 27, 2009

R . I . P William Cecil Summers Oct. 30th, 19?? - Feb 20 , 2009

Hey Everybody ,
I know it seems that this is the season for funerals and all. Has ya'll know there have been several deaths in my family lately. Here is a list of all of them thus far are listed below for you all if you wanted to try and keep up.

1.) My Family 's Cat "Froggy" She was a Simease Kitten probably about 3 weeks old when my Dad found her " Deader than a Door Nail" She looked like she was just laying there sleeping laying there in the sun.

2. ) Our Calico Kitten "Callie" She was about 8- 10 weeks old when she died. She was laying in the EXACT SAME spot that "Froggy" was when she died.

3. ) One of My Family Pets , That I named Daphne , She was only liking 2 - 4 days turning 3 Yrs. old when she was hit and accidently killed by one of our neighbors down the street.

4.) My Great Uncle William Cecil Summers , He's My Dad's Uncle He died a week ago TODAY!

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