Tuesday, February 3, 2009

R . I . P "Callie!" from Nov. 2008 - Feb. 2009

This is a very special but yet very sad post today. As today marks the day that either during the night or some time this morning one of our newest additions , Our sweet and cute and cuddly beloved Kitten , Who we named "Callie " has passed away. " Callie " was a pretty and so very feisty little Callico Cat. She was a scrapper that's for sure. She was the funniest little cat that I think I'd ever met. She had the cutest little " Meow " ! I'll deffinetly miss her "meows" and of course her sweet little face . Those little green eyes that always looked so sad unless her buddy/ Brother " Blonde " was around. He always played with her. She was begining to be such a good hunter too. I think she took some " pointers " from "Comacozie"! Her adopted big sister. She was a fighter too. Man , Some of our puppies loved to "Rough House" with her. Of course I think you all can guess who would end up winning! YEP! Dear ole " Callie Girl ". Little Stink Pot! I truly loved that kitten. I thought I'd NEVER like kittens much less Cats. BUT, Turns out I do. Weird I know! S0, as I close this post. I want to say , " Bye Callie Girl " , We miss you lots sweet Girl! Have fun playing with all those " Kitty Angels "! I love you. Love, Randee

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