Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Harper

Hey Guys & Gals ,
I'm just so EXCITED that I can't stand it. Boy, have I got some totally FABULOUS news to tell all of ya'll . I was just over visiting my darling friends , Kelly and Scott Stamps blog to check up on their precious little princess , Who they have named her " Miss . Harper Brown Stamps". She was born on, January 15th. She is such a strong little fighter ( Just like her "Aunt Randee" was at her young age. ;) That little darling and her family are very special and dear to me. Even though I've not had the chance to meet them all face to face just yet . I sure hope that my family and I get the chance to some day real soon . I too hope she gets that Pony that her Daddy promised her. I think she'd look so cute on one when she gets older . Scott & Kelly , I sure hope that ya'll are having a great day spent with your sweet little angel . I love you all so very much ! - " Aunt Randee in East , TX "

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