Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Puppies Left

Hey Everyone,
We now have just 5 Puppies left. Tonight , 2 Ladies and one of their little Girls came by tonight and got 3 of them. 1 Badger , and 1 Solid White Boy , And the ONLY Girl (Also Solid White) . You could say that I'm a little bit sad. But, I feel good knowing that they are going to good homes. And Aunt Deborah has a friend that wants one. So, soon we will be " Puppy Less"! Unless , You want to still call " Apollo " & " Daphne " & " Maggie " " Puppies " still? I'm not to sure about it though! They are my Big Babies! LOL. Before we sale the others I'll TRY and get a photo of them tomorrow and I'll put it up here for ya'll and me both! They are such little stinkers! But , I sure do love them all so much.
Love , Randee

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