Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey Ya'll,
I just wanted to let ya'll know that my family and I are back from Oklahoma. We got back home Sunday evening in time for it to start storming. But , we all had a good time while we were their. Like I posted in the one before this one. My Cousin , Hannah Pike Graduated 1 week ago today. We are all so very proud of her and all she does. She's such a good kid. Now, I'm not saying that Jessica and Aidan arn't good kids too. Because they are very good kids. I just love all of them to pieces. And , I miss them already. Once again , Hannah , I'm so proud of you sweetheart. You sure looked so Beautiful the night of your Graduation in what I liked to call it your "Taylor Swift Sun Dress!"

Friday, May 22, 2009

We are in Tulsa , OK until Sunday or so

Hello Everyone ,
I am now blogging from my Wonderful Aunt Betty & Wonderful Uncle Dan 's house in Tulsa , OK . We're here for my Cousin Rhonda 's Daughter , Hannah Marie 's High School Graduation which was held at their church last night . It was a great and Beautiful Graduation . It was alot COLDER in the Church Auditorium this time around then it was 2 years ago. When her Older sister , Jessica Danielle Graduated High School . Now, we have 11 yrs. or so until their Little Brother , Aidan has his High School Graduation . So , I just wanted to let everyone know that I've not " Fallin' off the Earth" so to speak. I just want Hannah to know how VERY proud I am of you in all of your accomplishments. You are such a sweet and Beautiful Girl inside and out. You have such a Beautiful Soul. And , I do and ALWAYS will LOVE YOU! If you ever are in a "Slump" Get Jessica or your Mom to get my Cell #! Don't ever hesitate to call me Day OR Night. Once Again , I love you. Love Always , Randee Danielle McCaghren ( Jessica & Yours & Aidan's FAVORITE COUSIN, Randee

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm 24

Hey Ya'll,
It's me, "The Birthday Girl" here. Ok, Yes Ladies and Gentleman. I'm here to report that I'm finally able to tell people that yesterday Friday, May 15 , 2009. I, Randee Danielle McCaghren. Has turned 24 years old now! I'm so incredably EXCITED to finally be able to tell all of "My Homies" that I'm now offically 24 yrs. old! I've offically entered "ADULTHOOD!" I know other people say that when you turn 18 years old. Your their! No , not this chick. I wanted to stay "A Kid" Just a little bit longer! So, yesterday afternoon , My Parents & I went and got my hair done. Now, People, When I say "Get my hair done" I mean Cut and Colored all in the same day. I NO LONGER have "LONG Brunette / Red hair". It's Cut SHORT just like TLC's Kate Gosslin , The Mom of Twin Girls Cara and Madelyn, and 6 Little ones Collin , Aidan , Joel , Alexis , Hannah , Leah . And we can't forget her Husband, Jon. "Jon & Kate + 8" Red hair with Alburn High Lights in it. "We" , Meaning the lady who did the cutting copied off the recent People Magazine with Kate on the cover. But, I like it so far. I still think some needs to come off around the ears. Because Kate always has the right side in her right eye almost. And , the left side is short. But, I'm kinda glad that we stopped when she did. Because, I was litterally getting cross eyed and hungry too. From sitting there during the Hair cut and the Coloring processes. Next time I'm taking a book and a snack or something. Because , I know from this LONG experience that I'm gonna NEED it. Oh , My Mom got a Hair do of her own too. then , we met Joshua at "Los Mochis" here in Commerce , TX. Then we got to go see all but the last I'm guessing 15 minutes of Matthew McConughey & Jennifer Garner , Micheal Douglas 's latetest movie "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" Which was for the most part CUTE! I mean Come On Ladies . . . And , NO Ladies Matthew doesn't get Shirtless in this movie... It's Matthew McConughey!!! So, It was a good movie we are home now. And , I'm heading to bed now. I hope everyone has a good week. And I probably won't do another post until Monday or so. I love you all. Thank You to some of you for My Birthday Wishes! I appreciate them all. Love Ya Always , Randee

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

R . I . P Kayleigh Ann Freedman June 23, 2008 - May 11 , 2009

Hello Everyone ,
OK , for those who haven't heard the sad news yet . . . Ladies you MIGHT wanna grab some Kleenexes before reading any farther. The news is that 11 month old Little Kayleigh Ann Freedman , Better known to the blogging world as "Baby Kayleigh" died lastnight in her Hospital Bed in the NICU at 9:44 P. M . I'm guessing that she died in her sleep . She left behind her Daddy & Mommy to take care of her older sister & older brother . Even though she is gone from this life . Little Kayleigh still lives on in her Mommy 's & Daddy 's and her older Sister 's & her older Brother's Hearts. And also in all of the hearts of the strangers around the world who loved to go to her parents Blogs to get to know and read about her life with family . I can tell you right now that my heart is still breaking for her family. To The Freedman Family , Like I said above , My heart goes out to you guys and gals ! Just know that Kayleigh is in a better place now . She's in NO Pain what - so - ever ! She's a Happy Camper ! NOT saying that she wasn't Happy down here on Earth. I 'm saying that she is Happy to be with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . And , You'll be with her again soon. And , I hope that I'm not gonna step on anyones toes here. But , to the Kids . I have a solution for you 2 if you get sad and you miss her at night and all . Maybe if it's alright with your Mom & Dad maybe if some of her stuff isn't already packed and ready for the move . Maybe you each can pick something out like a blanket Kayleigh got to use to keep as a keep sake . And also , I've found that in the room where one of my loved ones who has now died slept . I always sleep on that person's (Both Grandpa's) side of their beds when I'm over . Maybe , if it's ok with your parents ask them if maybe this Friday or this Saturday night one or both or all of ya could make palots in the floor in Kayleigh 's room since none of you can lay in Kayleigh's Baby Bed . Or make a family inside camp in her room on a weekend . And this can go on for in the new house too . Have your parents put out Kayleigh's things as if she were coming home. And camp out in the floor on the weekend. Love & Hugs Always , Randee

R . I . P " Miss. Kayleigh Ann Freedman"
June 23 , 2008 - May 11 , 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mama

Dear Mama,
Ok, I'll try not to cry. But , theres NO GARENTEES that it'll happen that way. But , I want to tell you that I'm so thankful everyday that Dad found you , Dated you , and FINALLY married you , And YES Girl I'm gonna say it ya'll made me and Joshua , with the help of God & Our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ , the 2 most finest grown up kids in the world . I think that he did a fantastic job. I think you are the sweetest and most caring person that I know. I mean you basically stop whatever your doing and you bend over backwards to help who ever do what ever. Including me with my medical stuff , Getting better after each Surgery / You stay with me at the Hospital even for just a night's Sleep Study so that Dad could stay home long enough to get Josh to School and then he'd go to work. and also you try your best to help our family try to stay as Healthy as possible. I for 1 THANK YOU! You are and ALWAYS will be My Best Friend until the day both of us dies. And , then you'll be my Best Friend in Heaven too. But , for now lets NOT think that way just yet. It's like the Kenny Chesney song "Everybody wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody wants to go Now!"And , I know we have our moments of wanting to strangle each other . Every Mother & Daughter does . But , I'm truly Honored to have you as My Mom . And , you know like the sad thing that happend 11 yrs. ago with Kelli Farmer 's Mom . . . That got me thinking what would we do without you. All I could tell you is We'd all be very sad to not get to see your Beautiful Face every Day , And to hear your sweet Singing & Talking voice. But, I'm so thankful that nothing like that happend and hopfully it never will. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Your Beautiful inside and Out! And , I have to say your THE BEST COOK EVER !!!!!!!