Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm 24

Hey Ya'll,
It's me, "The Birthday Girl" here. Ok, Yes Ladies and Gentleman. I'm here to report that I'm finally able to tell people that yesterday Friday, May 15 , 2009. I, Randee Danielle McCaghren. Has turned 24 years old now! I'm so incredably EXCITED to finally be able to tell all of "My Homies" that I'm now offically 24 yrs. old! I've offically entered "ADULTHOOD!" I know other people say that when you turn 18 years old. Your their! No , not this chick. I wanted to stay "A Kid" Just a little bit longer! So, yesterday afternoon , My Parents & I went and got my hair done. Now, People, When I say "Get my hair done" I mean Cut and Colored all in the same day. I NO LONGER have "LONG Brunette / Red hair". It's Cut SHORT just like TLC's Kate Gosslin , The Mom of Twin Girls Cara and Madelyn, and 6 Little ones Collin , Aidan , Joel , Alexis , Hannah , Leah . And we can't forget her Husband, Jon. "Jon & Kate + 8" Red hair with Alburn High Lights in it. "We" , Meaning the lady who did the cutting copied off the recent People Magazine with Kate on the cover. But, I like it so far. I still think some needs to come off around the ears. Because Kate always has the right side in her right eye almost. And , the left side is short. But, I'm kinda glad that we stopped when she did. Because, I was litterally getting cross eyed and hungry too. From sitting there during the Hair cut and the Coloring processes. Next time I'm taking a book and a snack or something. Because , I know from this LONG experience that I'm gonna NEED it. Oh , My Mom got a Hair do of her own too. then , we met Joshua at "Los Mochis" here in Commerce , TX. Then we got to go see all but the last I'm guessing 15 minutes of Matthew McConughey & Jennifer Garner , Micheal Douglas 's latetest movie "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" Which was for the most part CUTE! I mean Come On Ladies . . . And , NO Ladies Matthew doesn't get Shirtless in this movie... It's Matthew McConughey!!! So, It was a good movie we are home now. And , I'm heading to bed now. I hope everyone has a good week. And I probably won't do another post until Monday or so. I love you all. Thank You to some of you for My Birthday Wishes! I appreciate them all. Love Ya Always , Randee

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