Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mama

Dear Mama,
Ok, I'll try not to cry. But , theres NO GARENTEES that it'll happen that way. But , I want to tell you that I'm so thankful everyday that Dad found you , Dated you , and FINALLY married you , And YES Girl I'm gonna say it ya'll made me and Joshua , with the help of God & Our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ , the 2 most finest grown up kids in the world . I think that he did a fantastic job. I think you are the sweetest and most caring person that I know. I mean you basically stop whatever your doing and you bend over backwards to help who ever do what ever. Including me with my medical stuff , Getting better after each Surgery / You stay with me at the Hospital even for just a night's Sleep Study so that Dad could stay home long enough to get Josh to School and then he'd go to work. and also you try your best to help our family try to stay as Healthy as possible. I for 1 THANK YOU! You are and ALWAYS will be My Best Friend until the day both of us dies. And , then you'll be my Best Friend in Heaven too. But , for now lets NOT think that way just yet. It's like the Kenny Chesney song "Everybody wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody wants to go Now!"And , I know we have our moments of wanting to strangle each other . Every Mother & Daughter does . But , I'm truly Honored to have you as My Mom . And , you know like the sad thing that happend 11 yrs. ago with Kelli Farmer 's Mom . . . That got me thinking what would we do without you. All I could tell you is We'd all be very sad to not get to see your Beautiful Face every Day , And to hear your sweet Singing & Talking voice. But, I'm so thankful that nothing like that happend and hopfully it never will. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Your Beautiful inside and Out! And , I have to say your THE BEST COOK EVER !!!!!!!

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