Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Home Again.

Hey Ya'll ,
Yes , It's really me , Randee here at my long lost " friend " the computer (which I got to use my wonderful Dad 's Laptop and "Aunt Sharon ' s " and " Uncle C . H . " home computer too while we were in Arkansas . One of the very 1st evenings their "Aunt Sharon" took us to a wonderful Japaniese Place called " Fugi ". But , I have already blogged about that experience on my previous blog yesterday or the day before . Then , we had 2 birthday parties to attend . In which we had to sadly miss going to the 1st one Saturday afternoon . The 1st one , was for our Cousin / Nephew Keaton , He turned 3 this past July . We had to miss it because my Dad got sick with a Headache . So we gave Keaton his Birthday gifts the following night at Ryder ' s 2nd Birthday Party . He absolutely loved his Guitar that we bought him . He loved it enough that he didn't want to take it off to attend Church Services yesterday morning . BUT , He did do so . Ryder 's Birthday was a pure BLAST . For him and all of us . Even down to his 4 month old Brother , Axl Eli . Who my Mom and I had not gotten to meet till last night . I tell you that Baby has the sweetest smile and laugh you have ever heard . I'll try and upload some pictures up of all the festivities if I can get my grubby hands on them . So , I ' ll talk to ya ' ll later . Love Me

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