Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joshua's Fairwell to TX at least for now !!

Hey Guys and Gals ,
Yep it's "Sweet, and "Darling little ole ' me", Randee yet.... AGAIN! Arn't ya'll getting TIRED of my posts at all yet? I sure hope not this soon. Well, I wanted today's blog to be a "Special Blog". For my sweet and sometimes "Pain - in - the - Tushy" little Brother...You know I'm just kidding Bro., Joshua. Who is as of early tomorrow morning flying and moving all the way to New York City to persue his dream since he was a little boy of becoming a Male Model. I sure think that he will do wonderfully there and at anything that he puts his heart and mind to. He is a great young man. And, I've really enjoyed being there and watching almost everything he's been through and seen him grow - up from the cutest little chubbiest Baby...(Besides ME - The Chubbiest part) grown into the Wonderful and charming Young Man that he is today.

Dear Joshua,
I'm so proud of you Bro. And, I love you with all of my heart and my every being. I have loved you ever since day 1. When Mom , Dad , Myself (Who was little myself at the time got to bring you home. I tell you I sure was and still am very proud to be your "BIG Sister". Just when you get the time when you get there. Give your Big Sister a call or text. Love, Randee

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