Friday, August 22, 2008

" What FUN "

Hey Ya' ll ,
I ' m so sorry that it 's taken me so long to blog on here again . But , I have good reasons why I ' ve not blogged in so long . 1 .) My family and I have been visiting my Uncle G . P . & his family at their Beautiful Lake House with another cousin of mine. In which it had no web service at all. So , instead of that we all either watched movies , regular cable , or the Kids , my Dad ( " Uncle John " ) , "Aunt Laney " ( My Mom , Elaine , Cousin Megan , Cousin Erin , Cousin Brooke & I did some Minno catching , ( Mostly Brooke & Megan ) on G . P . 's Doc . On the 2nd or 3rd night I FINALLY caught my 1st Middle sized Catfish. Dad had his back turned to me and all the sudden I kinda yelled a little too loud "Daddy , I've caught my 1st Catfish all by myself. and he turned around and the fish was still on my hook on the Doc and scwerming like theirs NOOOOOOOOO tomorrow. But , We took pictures with my Dad's Cell even though it was dark it was exciting anyway. So, now we're home and I'm sick. With we are guessing either , A " Sinus Infection " or it could be a " Bladdar Infection " . Neither one makes you feel good. BLAH . . . . BLAH . . . . BLAH . . . . Ok , I'm getting cross eyed now so I think that I'm gonna go to bed now AGAIN. Love ya'll !

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