Thursday, August 7, 2008

My 1st time EVER at a Japaniese place

Hey Ya'll ,
It's me , Randee sitting here at My wonderful Aunt Sharon and Uncle C . H . 's house in Arkansas . We left our place at 10 : 35 or so Saturday evening . So, we didn't get here to Aunt Sharon's house until 6 : 15 Sunday morning . So , needless to say Dad and I saw the sun rise together . Which was beautiful by the way ! While mom slept a few hours . Then she woke up to drive us straight to Aunt Sharon's house . We will be here until I believe this coming Sunday or Monday morning . We have 2 B - Day parties to go to on Sunday so I think we will be here until Monday. I'm so excited because this is my 1st time to see Axl Eli , My Cousin Amber 's 2nd Son. But, About tonight . . . Aunt Sharon treated us to Japaniese food. And , after we ate I got to sit behind one of those tables with a built in Grill .... And the Waiter atemped to Flip some fried rice with Teriocky sauce on it in my mouth . . . Try #1 : Went in the floor below my foot plates ! Try# 2 : I caught in my hands right below my mouth! Try # 3 : Whent DIRECTLY IN MY MOUTH !!!!! So, I LOVE Japaniese Places now!!!!!!!!! That's all I got to say for now. Love to all. Love, Randee

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