Friday, August 15, 2008

My Photo on my Blog

Hey Ya'll ,
Just in case you can't tell who the little one is . But in that Picture on my blog of the Man reading to that cute 2 yr. old . That cute 2 yr. old is Me , Randee and The Man , Is my Grandpa , Owen Miller , My Mom's Dad who died in 2004. If I could move the photo over ... I'd put a photo of other Grandpa , Papa Mac Who died 1 yr. ago on Aug 2nd. and I when I was about that age. But , we don't have one uploaded just yet. So , I found it and I wanted to put a photo up. And , I thought it was a cute and Humorus moment in my life that Papa Owen and I shared together. Little did I know that this wonderful man would sadly leave this world only 5 months after my 19 th Birthday. I miss him more and more each day. So, I want to "Raise our cups / Glasses up high " in honor of a Wonderful Man , Who loved each and every member of his family and his friends . Papa Owen sure was a Ham. He loved to make people smile and laugh when he thought they needed it. And , yes he knew just how to "push" Me Me 's buttons. We all Figured that one out a few times. But , My Greatest Memories of Papa Owen are as follows . . .

1.) Me as a youngster sitting at their Dining table / Bar Table when I was just 4 - 8 Yrs. old. And , Me Me would be trying to fix something to eat in the kitchen . She'd have he back to us fixing food and I'd try to be quiet and watch Papa Owen sneak up behind her and say "Boo" and Then , I'd totally loose it laughing as she scoulded Papa Owen. But I always thought it was funny. As long as no one got hurt by the stove or Burner .

2.) Then on Friday nights Papa Owen and Me Me Frances would come pick me up at my house and take me to Denny's by their house and that quickly became our Friday Night rutine for the next 15 yrs. or so. They'd even take me there if I got a 100 on my Spelling Tests each Friday at School. So I Loved Fridays. But, now that he can't be here to take me I miss those times. I've only been to Denny's 1 time since He died. And that was last month with my Mom and Dad. I gotta go for now. Love Always , Me

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