Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey Ya'll ,
There is a very Special Blogger Friend out there that has a Birthday today. Let me see if I can give you some hints to Who this person is . Well , Here it goes . . . . . 1.) She started the " NOT ME MONDAYS" blogs. So that people around the world that reads her blogs every week can be brutally Honest with us all and say what they "Didn't" do each Monday!!!! 2.) She is Married to "Prince Charming" 3.) They have 4 Beautiful Many Small Children that their "Nick names" are from McDonalds Menus . . . IF you've guessed that it's None other than "MckMama" Then , your so Correct! MckMama, I hope that your Special day was packed with LOTS of Love and Laughter . . . . And , Of course YUMMY Cake too! I love you and all of your Family very much . Stellan is still in my thoughts and prayers as he is in all of my families thoughts and prayers every morning , Noon , Night. Love Randee

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