Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey Everyone!
Man , Have I got some EXCITING NEWS to tell all of ya'll! And NO, Before I get any IM's , E -mails , or anything like that. Let me just clarify by saying this right now. That I've DEFINETLY NOT . . . . . A.) found a Boyfriend! , B.) I'm Not Getting Married. , C.) Nor am I expecting a HUMAN baby anytime soon !!!!

Although , I just found out about 10 minutes ago that I am a "NEW Mom # 2 " to a Beautiful Tannish looking Baby Boy Calf with a little White face. He's is so adorable!!! He's just about 1 - 2 days old now. He's still got the cord hanging from his Belly Button but it's drying up already!!! And "Mama Cow" is letting him nurse good. I'll let her do that since I don't have the "Right Number of Equipment" for me to do it myself if ya'll know what I mean! If something ever happens to Mama Cow except a Huge Bottle of course. . When Dad found him just a while ago he was in another part of the pasture and the Mama Cow and others were in the other part so Dad came in and got one of the HUGE Animal feeding Bottles and he fed him I'm guessing water from that. And then he picked him up and put him in his Truck and took him over to a large bunch of our other Cattle. To try to find Mama to feed him. Well , even after Dad fed him the WHOLE BIG BOTTLE of Whatever it was. The Baby still was able to nurse on Mama Cow after finding her. So , I'm so excited that I can't stand it! I'll try to post a photo later. Love Ya'll Lots! Have a great Day. Love Always , Randee

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