Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Crockpot - a - looza"

"Beef tips & Rice"

I wanted to "Link up" with my Sweet Friend , Mrs. Kelly Stamps's "Crock pot - a - looza" Recipes today. So , here is 1 of my favorite Crockpot Recipes My Mom makes that is TO DIE FOR!!!!
Oh , I wanted to let ya'll know My Mom didn't put how much Beef tips and such just in case you have more people than expected. Thanks Momma for letting me use this recipe! Love you! - Randee
Beef tips ( Stew Meat)
Beef Boullion
Golden Mushroom Soup

Slow cook meat in Crock Pot til done. ( My Beautiful Momma likes to cook it over night on Low / Medium)

When meat is done drain it - add as many cans of Golden Mushroom Soup as needed. Heat .
Serve over cooked Rice
Season to taste.


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