Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hey Ya'll ,
As of this passed Sunday , Feb. 7 , 2010 it's been 1 year since Daphne got hit and died. My family and I miss her like crazy. I tell ya'll their isn't a day that goes by that we all don't miss or think of her. It is surely lonely here with out her on guard of our house with Apollo all day and night. She was a good watch dog. She was very loveable too. I miss her sweet and yet stinky Doggy Breath. She was my Baby Girl . But , I do know that she's not suffering or in any pain anymore. And , she's in a much better place now. And , I also know that the whole thing about her getting hit killed was just an accident that happend. But , like I've said over and over again. Yes , I do miss her. I mean we got her when she and Apollo were like 7 - 9 weeks old. They looked like 2 "Furry white little Snow Balls" . But , we are dong as best as we can .  We love and miss you Baby Girl. Love , Randee

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