Friday, April 3, 2009


Hello Ya'll,
I am here again to post 3 Things. The 1st thing is that our hearts and prayers go out to the victoms and the loved ones of the people that were involved in the shooting today. 2.) For all of The McCaghren Family members and Friends , on here that know that , My Brother , Joshua lives there in New York . I want all of ya'll to know that he is perfectly FINE! He was at a photo shoot this morning and he didn't even know about the shootings until Mom and I told him about it 1 - 2 hrs. ago or so. 3.) On to some MORE exciting news . . . . WE HAVE BRAND NEW KITTENS ! ! ! That were born either early this morning or last night. Dad and Mom and I wouldn't know when since Dad and I were in the living room watching some rented movies. And , Mom was working on tax paper work ! ! ! Anyway, I think that " Blondie" our Blonde extreamly fat cat has FINALLY given birth . . . 2 Days ago she looked like she was about to POP ! ! ! But , We also have a Black / Gray cat also Pregnant and I've seen both of them. The Black / Gray one is still preggers. "Blondie" I've only seen her form a far she snuck her head around the corner of the Garage Door this morning. So I think they are hers. Anyway HAPPY DAY FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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