Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Joshua is in TX

Hey Everyone ,
I know it's been a just a few days ago since I posted on here last . But , Have I got some BEYOND GREAT News for all the family and Friends in the TX area . Joshua called our house yesterday morning at 1:30 A . M . . . And he told Mom that he had just gotten information on a Flight out of the N . Y . C airport to the one in Dallas / Ft. Worth . set to land here at around 10 : 30 ish . . . few hrs later he calls us back and says that he had to have the number to his flight changed for some reason that I don't remember at the moment. Wait , I think the reason was that it was snowing in Houston . But that he'd be boarding the plane as soon as he could . Well , he calls again and the flight has been delayed by a few minutes and when it finally takes off it sent him to Ohio to get on a plane to come straigh to Dallas . All of this to say Joshua 's plane FINALLY arrived to Dallas / Ft . Worth Airport around 11:15 P. M . Last night . We drove half way home to stop off and eat at Ihop. And didn't get home till have 2:30 or so this morning .

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