Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here they are folks

Well here is FINALLY a photo of 8 of Daphne's 3 Week old puppies who will be turning 4 weeks old tomorrow that have been living right in the middle area under our mobile home for the past 2 weeks now I think. As ya'll can see by this photo they are begining to be little Fur Balls that look like they'd litterally been dunked into snow. I got to hold 1 of the little Boys that My Sweet Girl , Daphne delivered the next day after Daphe gave birth. It was a Little Boy that I got to hold. He was solid white and was a Hungry little fella. I don't think that he's one of the 3 that passed away . I sure hope not. But if so .... He's and his 2 siblings are in a much better place. So, Just thought I'd show ya'll my Girl 's Babies. Love Always, Randee

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