Monday, June 15, 2009

Please pray for Mr. Kenneth Ballard

Hello Everyone ,
I'm coming here to ask all of my Family and Friends to please keep my Cousin , Chelsea (McCaghren) Ballard 's Husband , Kenneth in your thoughts and prayers. He was here in TX either bringing some horses to a Horse holding place here in TX. Or he was taking some home to Arkansas alone yesterday afternoon and started feeling sick while on the road. Well , He pulls over on the side of the road. And he calls 911 and the Dispature sent out a man who checked Kenneth's Blood Presure and sees it's too high. The Wonderful man decides to call for an Ambulance for Mr. Kenneth since Mr. Kenneth was complaining that his left Shoulder hurt and he felt sick . So , Then Mr. Kenneth calls Chelsea back in AR. To let us know. And she calls my Dad here at home . He eats real quick. And , I'm talking only 4 - 5 bites of Salad . Then , Thankfully My Brother , Josh walks in just in time to stay with me so Mom and Dad can head out the door. They get there and see him The Dr.'s in Greenville gave him so much meds that we couldn't believe it. By this point Mr. Kenneth's panicing to where both Mom and Dad thought that Mr. Kenneth wouldn't recognize either one of them. I mean it's been 2 years since we've seen either one Mr. Kenneth or Chelsea. But , I'm so thankful that Mr. Kenneth did recognize Mom and Dad off the bat. The Dr. 's do a few tests to see what they could find. Then , My Mom leaves to come back home for the night. They finally decide that my Dad , Mr. Kenneth and all needed to be transported by Care Flight to Dallas's Baylor Medical Center. As they get off of the Helicopter , The Dr. 's & Nurses are waiting at the door on their arrival to do a "Heart Cath" immediently on Mr. Kenneth! Then after that Mr. Kenneth was sent up to a room to rest for the night where the Nurses could watch him over night. Dad stayed there all night with Mr. Kenneth so if he needed something right away , Dad could go get a Nurse or Dr. if need be. This morning around 2:45 a.m. - 3:01 a.m. Chelsea, Kenneth's Wife , and a Co - Worker / Friend walk in . Well , this morning when Mom and I got up. Mom and I hussel around the House to get ready to go visit a bit and Pick Dad up. And , Like Emeril Lagossi , "BAM!" We are on the road to to the Hospital and also to pick Dad up since Mom had the Van to get back home in . And , As of this afternoon. The Dr. came in and told Mr. Kenneth that their was nothing wrong with his heart , Blood Pressure came back down after this morning 's ordeal. And was sent home. And , YES! As in all the way back to Arkansas with his Wife , Co - Worker /Friend . He was ordered to see his Dr. sometime this week to take pills as needed.

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